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Anglers Haven Resort Hayward Wi

Updated: Apr 2

Angler's Haven Resort
Angler's Haven Resort

Sponsor Spotlight Angler's Haven Hayward Wi

Your hosts, Jordan and Kelsey Gensmer

Anglers Haven Resort


Contact and Location

15437 County Road KK

Hayward, WI 54843

PHONE: (715) 634-2757

Lake/location Lac Courte Oreilles

Lac Courte Oreilles

Anglers Haven Resort

 Angler's Haven Resort, cozily positioned just nine miles south of the bustling town of Hayward, Wisconsin, emerges as a mesmerizing retreat for those seeking an escape into nature's embrace. The surrounding Hayward region is famed for its magical tapestry of pristine lakes, lush woodlands, and a rich tapestry of wildlife, presenting a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. At the heart of this natural paradise, Angler's Haven Resort stands out as the quintessential retreat, where the warmth of its hospitality feels both heartfelt and genuine, making every guest feel like part of a larger family.

This prestigious resort is lauded not just for its serene location but for the wide array of activities it offers. From anglers to adventure seekers, the resort caters to all with its top-notch sporting opportunities, including fishing in 5,038 acres crystal-clear waters of Lac Courte Oreilles , hiking through scenic trails, and boating adventures. Culinary delights await at the resort's dining facilities, where exquisite meals are served with a side of panoramic views, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Anglers Haven Resort

Angler's Haven Resort also serves as a hub for cultural and seasonal festivities, drawing visitors into the vibrant local culture through events that celebrate the unique heritage and natural beauty of the region. These activities, combined with the resort's commitment to showcasing the latest attractions, ensure that there's always something new to discover.

As the seasons change, Angler's Haven Resort remains a constant, beloved destination where families return year after year. It's a place where memories are made, traditions are born, and the joys of the Northwoods can be experienced in endless abundance. Whether it's the thrill of an early morning fish catch, the peace of a woodland walk, or the pleasure of a shared meal, Angler's Haven Resort offers a timeless escape into the heart of Wisconsin's natural beauty.

Anglers Haven Resort

Angler's Haven Resort Home of the Terry Peterson Fishing Foundation Annual Dinner and Fundraiser

Angler's Haven Resort is the ideal location for the annual celebration dinner and fundraiser of the Terry Peterson Fishing Foundation. This esteemed resort provides the perfect setting for hosting such an event due to its picturesque surroundings and exceptional amenities. With its stunning lakefront views and serene ambiance, Angler's Haven Resort offers a remarkable backdrop for an unforgettable evening. The resort's spacious banquet halls and top-notch catering services further enhance the experience, ensuring that guests receive the utmost comfort and satisfaction. In conclusion, Angler's Haven Resort proves to be an exceptional choice for the annual celebration dinner and fundraiser, providing a truly remarkable setting for this important event.


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