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Find Bass Twice As Fast With These Search Baits!" by Matt Stefan Fishing

Search Baits Explained by Matt Stefan

Search baits are fast-moving lures that help cover large areas of water to locate bass more efficiently. They're ideal for generating reaction strikes and identifying productive fishing spots.

Conditions for Use

Matt Stefan discusses using these baits in various conditions, including unseasonably warm weather in Wisconsin, highlighting the versatility of search baits in different fishing environments.

Types of Search Baits

  • Swim Jigs: Ideal for covering large areas, especially in grassy or shallow flats.

  • Swimbaits: Useful for similar conditions as swim jigs, helping to quickly identify areas where fish are holding.

  • Lipless Crankbaits: Excellent for casting long distances and covering large flats or deep water areas.

  • Crankbaits: Suitable for deep water fishing, especially along ledges or long points.

  • Top Water Baits: Effective for covering shoreline-related water and identifying fish locations based on their reactions to the bait.

Strategies for Success

After identifying a productive area with search baits, the presenter recommends slowing down and using more precise lures like Texas rigs or wacky rigs to target fish more effectively.

This video serves as a valuable resource for anglers looking to improve their efficiency in locating and catching bass with the help of search baits.

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