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Gear Up for Fishing: Wisconsin's 2024-2025 Inland Season Kicks Off


As the ice thaws and spring beckons anglers to the great outdoors, Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced the opening of the 2024-2025 general inland fishing season starting May 4. This season comes with new regulations and a renewed emphasis on sustainable fishing practices.

Key Points:

- Fishing Licenses Required: All anglers aged 16 and above need a valid fishing license, available for purchase online or from licensed agents.

- New Regulations: This year introduces a registration requirement for small fishing tournaments and a statewide daily bag limit for walleye/sauger to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

- Conservation Efforts: Anglers are urged to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species and diseases by thoroughly cleaning their equipment and boats after each use.

With the new season upon us, Wisconsin's DNR encourages both seasoned and novice anglers to embrace the spirit of conservation while enjoying the abundant fishing opportunities the state has to offer. Remember, responsible fishing today ensures abundant fish for tomorrow. For more details, check out the [Wisconsin DNR website](

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