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Hayward Wi Fishing and Family Fun, Reviving Shue's Pond

The Terry Peterson Fishing Foundation is embarking on an ambitious journey to further enrich the natural beauty and accessibility of Shue's Pond, building upon our successful enhancements from the previous year. In 2023, we laid the groundwork with the construction of two fishing platforms, the addition of 3200 square feet of mulch, and the planting of 1600 plants, setting a precedent for community-driven conservation and recreation efforts. As we look ahead, our vision expands with two pivotal projects designed to deepen our connection with nature and each other.

Introducing Trout Stocking to Shue's Pond

The concept of trout stocking has garnered much enthusiasm as a way to diversify the aquatic life in Shue's Pond and provide a unique fishing opportunity. This initiative aims to introduce a healthy population of trout, offering both novice and experienced fishermen the thrill of catching this sought-after species right in our community.

To bring this idea to fruition, we will navigate the necessary regulatory steps to obtain a permit for stocking the pond with trout. Additionally, the TPFF, or a designated representative, will partner with a reputable private grower to ensure the procurement of high-quality fish suited for our local ecosystem.

Expanding Our Reach with Two Additional Fishing Platforms

Our second initiative aims to add two more fishing platforms to the pond's landscape, extending the invitation to anglers and nature lovers alike. These platforms, initially envisioned in our design plans, are strategically positioned near the outflow and along California Avenue, offering new vantage points and fishing opportunities.

Introducing the Family Picnic Pier

The third project is the creation of a "family picnic pier," a concept born from community feedback and our desire to enhance the pond's recreational offerings. This larger platform is designed to serve multiple purposes, integrating seamlessly with the adjacent playground to provide a space for rest, picnics, fishing, and observation. The complexity and anticipated higher costs of this project reflect its potential to become a signature feature of Shue's Pond, offering unparalleled value to our community.

These projects represent not just the continuation of our commitment to Shue's Pond but also an invitation to the community to join us in making a lasting impact. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, we call upon your support and generosity. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, your involvement is crucial to bringing these visions to life. Together, we can create a legacy of conservation, recreation, and community spirit that will be cherished for generations to come.

What project are you most interested in?

  • Trout Stocking

  • Fishing Platforms

  • Family Picnic Pier

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