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Hooked on Community: The Lure Libraries Project in Hayward

Lure Library

The Terry Peterson Fishing Foundation strives a beacon of community engagement and environmental stewardship in the Hayward area. Eagle Scout project spearheaded by Ethan Constantine to establish Lure Libraries at local fishing spots. These unique libraries are designed to enhance the fishing experience for both locals and visitors by providing free access to fishing lures and encouraging responsible fishing practices.

Ethan, a young leader with a vision for sustainable community engagement, has partnered with the foundation to bring his idea to life. The project not only supports the local angling community but also promotes environmental education and stewardship.

The idea for the Lure Libraries emerged from Ethan’s passion for fishing and his commitment to his Eagle Scout project. Recognizing the challenges many anglers face, such as the cost of equipment and the need for sustainable fishing practices, Ethan proposed the concept of Lure Libraries. These facilities would be strategically located at Shue’s Pond and the Lake Hayward Fishing Pier, to maximize accessibility and impact.

Supported enthusiastically by the Terry Peterson Fishing Foundation, the project took shape with plans to construct and stock the libraries with a variety of fishing lures. This initiative represents a perfect alignment of the foundation’s goals to foster a love for fishing within the community and to support youth-led projects.

Lure Library

The foundation’s commitment goes beyond financial backing; it extends into community mobilization and support. Local anglers, community members, and businesses are invited to contribute, volunteering time to help manage the libraries. This collaborative approach not only enhances the project's reach but also strengthens community bonds.

In addition to providing equipment, the Lure Libraries serve as educational hubs where anglers can learn about sustainable fishing practices and local biodiversity. The foundation plans to host workshops and events at the library sites to engage the community in environmental education and responsible fishing techniques.

Lure Library

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