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Wisconsin Fishing Maestro Terry Peterson Takes on Smallmouth Bass

Updated: Apr 9

In this segment filmed for Trophy Fish Hunter in 2015, Wisconsin fishing expert Terry Peterson showcased his remarkable skills in top-water bass fishing, specifically targeting smallmouth bass. Utilizing a BD Popper, Terry demonstrated a level of mastery that tilted the odds heavily in his favor. This episode not only highlighted Terry's enduring expertise, known affectionately as “Old Pete,” but also captured a memorable moment with him being both a mentor and a friend. His proficiency and experience were evident, making for an exciting and educational viewing experience.

Thank you Jeff Evans for sharing this video featuring Terry Peterson fishing for smallmouth bass in Wisconsin. The footage provides valuable insights into the exciting experience of bass fishing in the region, showcasing the expertise and techniques by both Jeff and Terry. It serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about smallmouth bass fishing in Wisconsin.


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